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Steve Chua is an executive life coach who seeks to help leaders find their identity and purpose not only in their work setting, but also, more importantly, in balancing the challenges of their personal lives. He is motivated by the belief that “better people create a better company."


Since 1993, Steve has served in various executive leadership roles for non-profit organizations in the UK, Canada and the USA. Trained in counseling, Steve quickly became a sought after troubleshooter and counselor for international leaders and their organizations. As a result, doors opened for Steve to travel internationally as a motivational conference speaker bringing a message that you can “Transform Your Life to Transform Your World."


Over the last number of years, Steve has transitioned naturally from his role as a counselor to that of an executive life coach. He is uniquely gifted to help individuals resolve the conflicts of their past in order to bring clarity, purpose and vision to their present circumstances. With this achieved, Steve can equip and launch leaders successfully into their future life goals and plans. Having worked more recently with start-ups, non-profits and multi-billion-dollar corporations, Steve brings a personable, relational style to help establish healthy and thriving culture within the corporate world.


Steve currently resides in Claremont, California with his beautiful wife, Barbara, and their five wonderful children.

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